Signor Benedick the Moor is a rapper and guitarist from California.

His experimental and varied approach to hip hop music never shys away from the unorthodox, getting full page print features in the independent, avant garde magazine ‘The Wire’  twice for his left-field rap compositions.

Earlier works featured much harsher, wilder vocals (ranging from choral-like to gutteral) over punk infused, grandiose arrangements, and resulted in a fairly active stint in the LA underground. His debut, self-released album El Negro was re-released by Los Angeles based Deathbomb Arc in 2014, quickly followed by an expose in Guardian UK and the EP cassette sbthemoor, creating a bombastic and noisy foundation on which to build.

Quick to act on the success of these records, SB released the concept album Opus 3 with UK label Juicy Records in 2014, and grimy garage raps vol. 1 with label Jehu and China in 2015. 2016 saw the self release of the prog-rap Maiden Voyage with it’s clipping aided b-side “12:00 am”.

2017’s Toybox, released on Deathbomb Arc, saw a stylistic shift into the more melodic, digital, rock n roll possibilities of rap, furthered even still in the self released experimental hip hop record CYBR.pnk, and continued in the genre-defying MNFST​.​dstnii [SHAMANS​:​:​;JOURNEY].

Recently, giving the raw energy the care and focus it needed has resulted in a much more distinct, direct sound, which SB calls CYBR.pnk, tightening guitar riffs, doubling down on lyrical and vocal performance, and further experimenting with synthesizers and digital/cyber media.  Bringing this sound to audiences, he’s shared the stage with Clipping, milo, and Deerhoof, and has toured extensively since his days in the Los Angeles underground.