You are approached by a small, floating ball of light.

Its a fairy.

“Hey, Listen! Thanks for helping. Here’s your prize! Go ahead, open it…”

The small light dances in delight as the healing salve creeps into the room.

My esteemed colleague Randal Bravery and I will begin a journey soon

This is but one of the tracks Bronze Kafka (Randal Bravery) and I cooked up in the Tar Pits of Southern California. It is a gift to those who aid us in our quest. Many thanks to you!

Saturn. The bringer of lonesome, the study. The search for truth, even if it is a search alone. The melancholy. The thorned rose which can only be observed from afar. The-

“Stop blabbering tell em the rest!”

Right. If you wish to aid us further, there are many ways to do so…But here is not the place!